Neethan Profile

Artist's depiction of Neethan

Human Wizard extraordinaire, Neethan Darakian, the Murderer of Minions, is played by Sixaxis in Zenith's Dungeons and Dragons Stream and is the controller role for the Fist of the North Derp. He does not get as many ladies as Lugg.

The Character

Neethan is a devout historian and knows a great many things about Nintier Vale and its stories, almost to the level of a bard. He uses this to his advantage whenever possible, including during combat. His knowledge of past battles and formations, as well as ancient languages, prove useful for controlling the flow of battle. His love for Residuum and magical artifacts borders on obsession. There has been no denial or proof as to whether or not he snorts Residuum, but he has been seen talking to a nail in his most recent adventures. His area-affecting spells, minion-clearing abilities, and tactical strategy allow his party members to mostly overlook this fact. He seems to have an unkempt grudge against goblins, which seemed to have caused him to no longer be friends with the nail, since the nail wanted to release a captured goblin.

He initially set out in the world to make adventures of his own and write his own book in the hopes that it would eventually join his favorite stories in history. As his trip took him to Winterhaven, he met Lugg and learned of his escape from slavery, so he invited him to join Neethan on his quest for glory.

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