A spaniard who joined V2 when Curt linked it in his channel and said "Fuck this I wanna watch videogamez". Has the lucky skill of miss all the streams.

If doesn't speak so much, it is not because is shy, it is because is too damn busy drawing porn or downloading it. Heck, even must be PLAYING GAMES. The crazy bastard.

His english level is good enough for make this page and still fuck up.

NEVER misses Tea Time


-Still thinks green texting (A 4chan function for quote posts) in a chat is cool and edgy.

-Absent as fuck because prefers to waste time drawing "DeviantArt size" tits and jailbait.

-Because of a very horrible anime (AKA chinese animated cartoons) based in a Visual Novel (AKA lots of texts for expect porn), nowadays is trying to differenciate from all the undages using the same nick in the internets. Make sense of that.

-NaruZap thinks his wiki article needs MAJOR grammatical revision

-Helicoptervengeful thinks that Bern's broken english is a redeeming trait.


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