Acura is a 24 year young guy, He is a cool guy, And his streams are very very entertaiment.

Even when he does a worse game ever, He will turn it into a good game. His special abbility is Trollbanning.

Acura in shortwords: Friendly , Nice, weird in a funny way.

© shadow_walker

Acura is a man. Acura is a loud mad. Acura has an accent. Acura is very friendly. Acura isn't Amurikun or Cunadiun. Acura doesn't afraid of nothing. Nah, but really, Acura is a man who seem like any one can hate him, his loud voice has gotten him into trouble at times, but he can get past that easily. If Acura was a super hero, his loudness would probably be his power, but putting his volume aside, he is a very kind streamer. His accent is because he is from the netherlands.

Acura, Frosting will write as much as he pleases >:C

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